About Rabbitwood & Reason


Dosha and Inari in the Studio

Dosha and Inari in the studio


Sentimental Adornments for the Romantic Historian in You:

I have been passionately designing and crafting my own unique jewelry items since early childhood, slowly honing my creative style over a 30 year period. Rabbitwood & Reason is the culmination of a life-long dream: to develop an artistic business based on uplifting, inspiring and adorning the female form. My goal throughout the creative process is to encourage women to be bold, daring, and utterly extraordinary -- to embrace their own unique qualities, both inside and out. I enjoy weaving stories within each miniature work of art, and hope those who choose to wear my handiwork will feel the love I infuse into every piece.

I've returned to the United States after living in the wee Medieval village of Meersburg, Germany -- this has had a profound influence on my current work. It will not come as a surprise to most that I have a fondness for Gothic architecture and Medieval history. Nay, not mere fondness. It is adoration bordering on the divine when crossing the threshold of a 1000 years young castle. Tears of joy roll down my cheeks as I sit quietly in an old cathedral pew; trembling in delight, in wonder... It is from these grand structures that I find myself turning to over and over again for unending inspiration.

Remnants of my own personal travels around the world are hidden carefully and deliberately into some my pieces as I secretly attach a bit of my own world and heart to those who choose a piece from Rabbitwood & Reason. I also create beads, pendants and focal pieces out of clay and mixed metal and paint each by hand with an aged patina finish. As a result of the unique techniques I've developed, the jewelry I create is durable and long-lasting, designed to be passed down to cherished loved ones throughout the years.

In closing, I would like to impart one last message which is at the heart of Rabbitwood & Reason:

I am devoted to preserving and protecting our planet's natural resources. I make every effort to ensure I am utilizing techniques and practices that are environmentally sound, both at home and in the studio. My husband is an entomologist and artist, and his work and environmentally conscious lifestyle are brilliant sources of inspiration. When wildlife is showcased in my work they are found insects which have expired naturally in the wild, discovered during our outdoor adventures. I use a large, ductless fume hood (the same style used in professional science labs) inside the studio for paint and adhesive work which filters the air into clean, fresh air back into the studio instead of directing toxic chemicals through a pipe out into the environment.  All of the packaging for Rabbitwood & Reason is 100% recycled; paper, jewelry boxes, tissue paper, shipping envelopes, bubble wrap, etc. I do not wish to contribute to the loss of our natural resources but serve as a means to celebrate nature.